Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Document Management

Why would anyone bother with document management? Quite common in the Legal Industry where multiple documents are associated with each matter and it is important to quickly retrieve information based on key word searches.

Document Management is also growing in popularity where there is a need to quickly retrieve source documents such as proof of purchase and delivery of goods. From an environmental point of view, it makes sense to quickly recycle documents rather than storing them for years in filing cabinets and archival storage.

Many business software systems these days have some inbuilt document management capability. Unfortunately from what we've seen, they tend to fall short on the usability and don't seem to flow seamlessly with the process flow of the host application.

When looking for an appropriate Document Management System, it is important to consider the following factors:
  • Multi-level security of the stored documents
  • Ease of use including rapid retrieval of documents in the most appropriate and logical flow
  • Secure destruction of deleted documents
  • Compatibility of working with all common document types

The best document management systems are able to be configured to work so closely with existing business software that it would appear to be part and parcel of the host system. For example, when drilling down on a list of customer sales invoices, you can retrieve the customer's purchase order and your freight consignment note.

More information: Axsapt

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John Michle said...

Company saves lot of time when they use document management software. It takes regularity in your business.

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