Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How to Grow New Business

The Rio Tinto / Stern Hu bribery trial in China is a reminder of one way of growing a business that may have risky consequences.

A better approach would be the traditional method of ensuring you have great products (or services) at reasonable investment and back them up with responsive customer service.

With the basics covered, increasing sales involves promoting your product and highlighting the benefits of dealing with your business over your rivals.

To grow profitably it's best to focus on your complementary services and product quality and deep knowledge in your chosen field. Building credibility involves contributing to your industry and associates and providing useful advise to your customers and prospective clients.

Seminars, Trade Shows, Newsletters and other useful communications are great ways to educate your marketplace about your expertise in recommending and implementing your time and money saving products or services.

Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) systems are excellent in managing your promotional activities and measuring the success of each campaign so that you can successful replicate what works well and ditch what doesn't.

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